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Beakerhead - The Gorgeous Molecule

Blending the science of modernist cuisine with an evocative art experience in the historic Barron Building, the Gorgeous Molecule experience was an encounter with the sublime, on September 17, 2015.
Moving from a construction site on ground floor, guests navigated to the fourth floor, which has been transformed into a temporary art gallery for two compelling artworks: an interactive art installation by renowned Calgary artists, Caitlind r.c. Brown and Wayne Garrett and a mechanical wonder by British artist Peter William Holden.
Guests then climbed the stairs once more to a once-in-a-lifetime molecular food and drink experiment, conducted by acclaimed chefs:
- Chefs Michele Aurigemma, Paul Stoffel and Sean Thornhill from Q Haute Cuisine 
- Chefs John Michael Macneil and Alison Bieber
- Chef Darren Maclean from Skokunin Izakaya
- Chef Liana Robberect and Ronnie Gillman from WinSport
- Mixologist Christina Mah of Raw Bar
- Mixologist Clarice Gordon of Hotel Arts.