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MitoCanada - Awareness Campaign

We had the immense privilege and honour to work on this amazing video for MitoCanada to bring awareness to Mitochondrial Disease. By telling the story of the Penny's and their son Evan, we were touched and moved to share their story and their lives dealing with the disease.

In 2009, a group of parents came together to form MitoCanada. Desperate to understand their loved one’s diagnosis of mitochondrial disease, their goal was to help others facing a similar fate. At least one in 200 people has a genetic mutation that may trigger the disease at any time. Blaine and Sarah Penny’s son Evan was diagnosed with mito, when following a routine appendectomy he slipped into a coma, damaging his brain. This is the Penny’s inspiring story – just one of thousands of stories of how families are living with mitochondrial disease. Currently there is no cure - but we’re working on it.