Forests, Fins, and Footprints

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Ghost Valley Community
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In Alberta, public lands in the foothills are being clearcut at a rate faster than they can recover with little opportunity for public input or understanding. Forests, Fins & Footprints is a community-funded documentation of clearcutting in the Ghost Valley — a watershed located just upstream of Calgary, on the Eastern Slopes of the Rocky Mountains.

Wondering how to make a difference, we asked for answers from environmentalists, biologists, geologists, and people who live and work on the land. How does clearcutting affect an area's water, landscape, and wildlife, as well as the people living in that watershed? How will clearcut forestry impact the future? And how can we as a society move forward more thoughtfully?


Director - Michael Glaser
Producer - Ghost Valley Community
Edit - Locke Vincent
DOP - Locke Vincent
Art Direction - Courtney Lawson , Michael Glaser
Story - Michael Glaser
Additional Cinematography: Ian Gregory, Michael Glaser, Courtney Lawson
Animations - Locke Vincent, Michael Glaser, Courtney Lawson
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