Blade Runner Enchanced Edition

Key art for Blade Runner Enhanced Edition
Nightdive Studios
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There were two major deliverables for this project. The first was the trailer itself, and the other was to upscale all of the old videos to 4K resolution and 60 frames per second.

AI Upscaling:

Going into the project we didn't know exactly how the process worked, but after weeks of research we found a way thanks to some talented artists, programmers, and AI. We managed to take the old Westwood video files [still in their proprietary codec] and convert them into an image sequence. This image sequence was then upscaled using an AI to both interpolate the frames from 15 frames per second to 60 as well as increase the resolution to 4K. Because every single background in the game was a looping video, over 200 videos were upscaled through this lengthy process. It was a learning experience and left us with an incrased appreciation for the work that goes into boosting the fidelity of old games. Shout out to the Skyrim mod community.

Going into this project we didn't know the process of using AI to interpolate and upscale video. My mind was blown at the results.
The Trailer:

The trailer was created using both gameplay and cinematics from the game. The goal was to create an engaging story trailer which showed off the game. Of course with any adventure game there isn't too much action and therefore we needed to hone in on the strengths of the game which was the fully voiced dialogue and the setting. The final card for the outro was built using the key art and animated in After Effects.

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